When is it done?

Day 9

Back at ‘er with my hand. I thought I was done, but Peter pointed out everything that was wrong with it and explained how to fix it, so I jumped back into the carving seat and got to work. After about an hour I showed him my now-finished hand and he pointed out what else needed work. So I got back to it. By the end of the morning I actually had something that he seemed pleased with.

2013-04-25 14.08.05                          2013-04-25 14.08.15

I guess it’s just experience, but I am amazed at how quickly Peter could identify the issues and how easily he was able to articulate the changes that needed to be made. I honestly thought that I was done – I mean, I knew it wasn’t perfect but I wasn’t really able to tell what was wrong. There was just a vague sense of wrongness about it. I need to train my eye to see those specific details that make the difference between something that looks all right and something that looks great.

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