lazy Saturday

Day 5

So remember how I was looking forward to having an afternoon off? These blocks pretty much looked at me and said “Guess again, sucka!” Seriously, how long can it take to care a set of alphabet blocks? 3 hours each, apparently. That’s 1 ½ hours with a chisel and mallet and then another 1 ½ with a dremel and sandpaper. And if you’ve never carved with a chisel, well, you are missing one of life’s rare treats of monotony.I really don’t understand how those Chinese laborers can do it fast enough that someone can sell a whole alphabet set (that’s TWENTY SIX blocks!) in a dollar store. The wonders of industrialization.

2013-04-23 09.58.54I didn’t actually get this far on Saturday. sigh.

I also learned today that the Trouts like to take their weekends easy. When I arrived at 10 the workshop was dark and the sibilant strains of Judd gently snoring filled the air. So instead of firing up the power tools or getting out the hammer, I decided to try and just quietly make some coffee. It’s good to start the day slowly by waxing philosophical over art and theatre with a cup of coffee.

2013-04-19 13.51.13good morning!

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