troutish tidying

Day 15

A day of finishing up old projects. I used yesterday’s prototype to create a new trigger mechanism on the Servant puppet, but now I have to wait for the others to be done with costumes before building those.

This afternoon there was a very untroutful flurry of tidying. One of the NFB execs in coming by tomorrow and we wanted the chaos to look a little more organized. Which is probably a good thing because while cleaning up my workbench I found a beautiful little cabin buried in a pile of miscellany. I took a good look at it and thought – “Wow. This is really nice. I wonder why I felt it needed to be re-done?” Then I looked at my boat again and thought “huh. That cabin sure seems a lot crappier than this one.”

That’s right. You guessed it. I attached the wrong cabin. The boat looked bad because I put in the test run piece instead of the good one. Brilliant.

Today’s lesson: keep your workspace tidy enough that pieces don’t get lost.

Alternate lesson: Don’t save the work you don’t intend to use.

But to cheer things up, here’s a platter of peepers!

2013-05-02 16.25.05

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