Tyler Seguin is a graduate of the University of Toronto / Sheridan College joint program in Theatre and Drama studies.  His physical theatre and puppetry training includes work with Eugenio Barba (Odin Teatret, Denmark), Quinn Bauriedel (Pig Iron Theatre, Philadelphia), David and Ann Powell (The Puppetmongers, Toronto), The Volcano Theatre Conservatory and The Stratford Festival.

Tyler is an experienced educator and has presented workshops for learners of all ages and backgrounds. He has facilitated workshops for The Ontario Science Centre, Brainy Activity, and through the Ontario Arts Council’s Artists in Education Program.

If you are interested in any of the below workshops, please contact Tyler at education(at)



This workshop facilitates students’ creativity through the medium of puppetry with a focus on learners grades 3 – 6. Students will have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of puppets and puppet-building techniques as well as methods of story-telling and collective creation. The project culminates in an original presentation of a story created by the class told with puppets built by the learners.

Students learn that creativity is simply a way of looking at the world, that things don’t have to turn out exactly as you plan in order for them to be successful and that it is better to re-use and recycle than go out and buy a brand-new ‘pretty’ puppet. Other goals include reinforcing the importance of teamwork, presentation skills, self-confidence and community-based art.

This project is adaptable to various grade levels by adjusting the complexity of various tasks. For example, older grades could be required to include more moving parts on their puppets than younger grades. Similarly, younger grades can be provided with one or two stories already in a simple narrative form whereas older grades could be asked to create a story out of non-fiction reference material.

Curriculum Expectations to be Addressed
Language Arts- Oral Communication, Reading, Writing
The Arts- Drama, Visual Arts
Science And Technology- Understanding Structures and Mechanisms, Strong and Stable Structures, Pulleys and Gears, Simple Machines


Out of the Air and into the World
A Devised Theatre Workshop

One of an artist’s most frustrating challenges is the act of turning thoughts into reality. An idea must be nurtured and many of us find it difficult to transition from concept to concrete. The Out of the Air workshop tackles this problem head-on.

With a particular focus on physical theatre, students will engage in movement training, storytelling and improvisation. Incorporating many theatre forms including clown, puppetry, Viewpoints, and Chekhov, the course explores the art of ensemble creation. The emphasis of this workshop is on the process of generating original material, physicalizing  ideas and active play as a method of creation.

While it is primarily intended for theatre artists, the program is appropriate for anyone working in a creative field who would like to shake up their process and approach their work in a new way.